Learn How to Promote Your Business Through Proper Search Engine Optimization

Lightbulb_Business1As a business owner, you cannot simply put up a website and expect to see results without properly marketing your website. There are many steps that you can take to increase the number of visitors that come to your website, including the use of good search engine optimization. In fact, half the battle in improving the amount of traffic your business website gets is ensuring your site has good SEO. Below, you will learn how to promote your business through proper search engine optimization.

Focus on a Long-Tailed Keyword

Whether you are writing a blog article for your business website or adding content to a specific webpage, focus on a long-tailed keyword. You can use keyword research tools available from Google or Bing to determine how many times a specific keyword is searched each month and how large the competition is for that keyword. A long-tailed keyword is a keyword phrase containing at least 3 words. For example, “business website SEO” is a long-tailed keyword. As you write an article or add content to a page, focus your attention on one main keyword phrase and ensure it is used several times throughout the text.

Proper Use of Images

Increase Website Traffic Effectively2Almost every webpage or blog article will contain at least one image. Some businesses may post pictures of their products or services or even rely on stock photos to make their content more appealing. When you add an image to a page, there is one small step that many people overlook. Each time an image is added, include an ALT tag. For those using WordPress, or another basic website builder, there is often an option for adding an ALT tag. Essentially, the ALT tag should contain a long-tailed keyword or brief description of what the image contains. When search engines rate the SEO of a webpage, the use of ALT tags is one of the things they look for.

Create Useful Content

smart-and-accurate-business-3099Perhaps the biggest factor in good business SEO is the quality of the content on your website. When a user performs a search query, search engines look for the web pages that are most relevant to their search. They are looking for web pages that contain at least 300 words, contain the searched keyword, and follow all the other standard SEO techniques. Creating quality content that your potential customers will find useful has another SEO benefit – if they find the information helpful, they are more likely to share the information with friends and family, usually through the use of social media. This creates backlinks and social media chatter, two major factors in search engine rankings.

Gain Quality Backlinks

Backlinks will always be a large part of business SEO. While you can rely on visitors to create backlinks for you (by sharing your content on social media sites), you also need to make your own effort to gain quality backlinks. There are many ways to achieve this. There are a large number of directory and listing websites that will allow you to list your business information. Some of these sites are free while others charge a small fee. Another option is the use of press releases. Each time you release a new product, service, or have a major sale, you should consider sending out a press release to press release publication websites. These sites will post your press release, which will then link back to your website. When it comes to backlinks, quality is often more important than quantity, so take your time when choosing potential press release sites and directory or listing websites.

These are simple tips that any business owner should be able to handle. Some of the tasks, such as the use of ALT tags, may need to be completed by your web designer. For other tasks, such as content creation and gaining backlinks, you could complete the process on your own or delegate it someone with online marketing experience. Hopefully you find these tips helpful. Put them into practice today to start the process of improving your business SEO and gaining more visitors.